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In the event of a loss:
1.    Upon delivery, immediately inspect the package in the event that there is physical damage to 
the package.

2. Any loss or damage found at the time of delivery must be recorded on the delivery receipt as an 
exception. You should set forth the condition of the consignment as specifically as possible. Be 
sure to keep a copy of the delivery receipt for your own claim file. If the loss or damage is not 
apparent at the time of taking delivery, give notice in writing to the Carrier or other Bailees 
within three (3) days of delivery.

3. Any loss or damage must be promptly reported to the closest authorized representative of the 
Insurance Company so that a surveyor may be promptly dispatched or other appropriate action taken. 
Be sure to retain and protect the packing material for inspection by that surveyor.

4. You must also immediately file a written claim - indicating the loss value. The written claim should set forth the loss or damage.

5.    Documentation required:

a.    Suppliers invoice(s) to support the values and also indicate terms of sale.

b.   Packing list or weight notes (where applicable).

c.    Delivery receipts, landing accounts, and/or similar documents as evidence of the condition 
and place of loss.

d.   All original transit documentation – for example, bill of lading, airway-bill, as evidence of 
the contract of carriage.

e.    Correspondence with carriers, suppliers, or other third parties holding them responsible for 
any loss or damage so that any subsequent recoveries can be sought from responsible parties.

f.    Original policy or certificate of marine insurance, as applicable.

g.    Survey report, if applicable.

h.   Any other documentation not detailed above relevant to the shipment and the loss.

6. Note that the above procedures and documentation will normally be sufficient but specific 
circumstances may require additional action or documentation. Under all circumstances, you must 
always act promptly to reasonably and safely preserve and protect your shipment in order to protect 
your rights.

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